One Click Motivation

More Motivation A Click Away

More Motivation A Click Away

Yes! Here is another website dedicated to motivation. This site was created with one purpose, to give people access to random curated motivation. our one click button will take you to random websites, videos, or articles to give a jolt of motivation. We share some viral content but also want to take you beyond the average motivation video. The button provides links to education on things like productivity, mindset, success well-being, fulfilment, positivity, and so much more.

This was created by a procrastinator to help with procrastination by starting the day off right. But be careful not to just continuously click the button for more motivation. Action also obviously needs to be taken. Knowledge does not bring power. Action from knowledge does. we suggest bookmarking (CTRL+D) the page and coming back once a day for your fix of useful info.

What are you waiting for? Motivation is just a click away!

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