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Still looking for Motivation? Now What

Still looking for Motivation? Now What

Still looking for a boost of motivation? well here is some food for thought. if you are feeling unproductive looking for motivation may not help. Yes! Some days you will be tired but you can’t just work when you feel energized. Pushing through to achieve you goals is the only option. Now you don’t have work hard around the clock. Spend time smelling the roses. Just remember to come right back to the doing. That is why motivation is not something you have, it’s something you do. let me explain

Like I just mentioned you will not always be at your peak performance but the only way is to keep moving closer to your dreams. If you think of motivation as just doing, you will work regardless of the way you’re feeling. This will make things come full circle. The more you work. The more you accomplish. the more you will be motivated to do more work.

So yes at the begin pushing through will be hard but things will eventually get better. Setting a routine and building upon that will give you results like going to the gym. No one is really excited about working out at first. After a while some people get upset for missing a workout because it terns out they actually love seeing the results. Over time that excitement terns into spending more time working and or challenging them self with harder tasks.

For more info on this subject, read the book Limitless by Jim Kwik. He goes into detail on motivation as the act of doing. Also a great booking for learning how to learn, speed reading, and more.

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